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Gujjar Farmhouse on Barki Road is indeed a popular venue for weddings and pool parties in Lahore. Here’s why it’s considered a great choice:

**For Weddings:**

1. **Scenic Location:** Gujjar Farmhouse offers a picturesque setting with lush green lawns and well-maintained gardens, providing a beautiful backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

2. **Spacious Facilities:** The venue typically has ample space to accommodate large gatherings, making it suitable for both intimate weddings and grand celebrations.

3. **Customizable Setup:** You can customize the decor and layout to suit your wedding theme and preferences, whether you prefer a traditional or modern ambiance.

4. **Catering Options:** They often have tie-ups with reputable caterers who can provide a variety of cuisines to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences.

5. **Parking and Accessibility:** There’s usually sufficient parking space for guests, and the venue is easily accessible from different parts of Lahore via Barki Road.

**For Pool Parties:**

1. **Pool Area:** Gujjar Farmhouse boasts a well-maintained swimming pool area, perfect for hosting lively pool parties.

2. **Facilities:** They typically offer facilities like changing rooms, lounging areas, and sometimes even poolside bars or snack counters.

3. **Entertainment:** You can arrange for music, games, and other entertainment options to keep guests engaged and make the party enjoyable.

4. **Privacy:** The venue often provides a private and secure environment, ideal for hosting pool parties without disturbance.

5. **Accommodation:** Depending on the venue’s offerings, they might have arrangements for overnight stays or nearby accommodations for guests traveling from out of town.

When planning your event at Gujjar Farmhouse, ensure to book well in advance to secure your preferred date and discuss all details with their event management team to ensure everything aligns with your vision for the wedding or pool party.

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  • MashAllah saqim hadayira barki road
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